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Learn how to coach a youth flag football team that is both fun AND gives you the best chance for a winning season

You have stepped up and volunteered to coach your kid’s flag football team.  Good on you!  But there is just one problem … you have never coached flag football before.  Maybe you’ve never coached any youth sport before. Or maybe you’ve coached a season or two already, but you still feel like you don’t know what you are doing. You’ve searched the vast reaches of the internet, looking for help, but all you’ve found are cryptic drawings of offensive plays.  But how do you know what works?  How do you develop a cohesive strategy that fits the kids on your team?  How do you teach the kids what to do? You just want someone to give you the whole package. 

This is the complete guide you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve been searching all over the web for resources to help you learn how to coach flag football, you’ve probably seen a lot of sites offering 5 v 5 and 6 v 6 offensive playbooks, but not much information on how to actually teach your kids how to run those plays. There are lots of examples of drills you can run, but how do you know how to structure your practices?  Are you looking for a playbook that has more than just colored dots with arrows?

After 13 seasons of coaching youth flag football, I’ve compiled everything I know into a complete package to help you go from Coach Zero to Coach Hero!

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“Coach Albert’s teams were always beyond prepared – they seemed to be a step ahead of the defense with every play, and there wasn’t a team on the field that could pull flags better than his teams. His players were always mentally and physically ready to play, and most importantly, win or lose, they had a great time playing (but mostly win, at least in my experience).”

— Cory Martin, Northern Virginia Flag Football League

What you will learn in this eBook

  • Fundamentals of sound offense and defense that kids of different age levels and athletic ability can execute
  • How to run your practices to get your kids ready for games and build team cohesion
  • Drills you can use at practice, and have kids do on their own to build skill and confidence
  • How to call plays from the sideline, or from the huddle
  • Strategies to effectively manage all aspects of the game so you can focus on coaching
  • How to implement my battle tested and proven offensive plays for different age levels
  • A complete 5 v 5 and 6 v 6 offensive playbook
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In addition to the above information in the eBook, if you buy the complete package you will get the eBook, PLUS:

  • A proven single page play calling sheet, for keeping organized while calling plays and helping you keep your plays secret from opposing coaches. Customizable template in Excel and Numbers format.
  • A Playbook Wristband Template, for printing your plays to insert into a playbook wristband. Comes in both Word and Pages format.
  • An editable set of offensive playbooks, in both 5 v 5 and 6 v 6, so you can adjust the plays to best suit your team and print it to use at practices and games, as well as distribute to your players for studying. Comes in both PowerPoint and Keynote format.
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About the author

Kyle Albert

My name is Kyle Albert, and I’m an IT manager and father of two. When I stepped up and volunteered to coach my son’s flag football team, I had no idea what I was doing. I had watched him play a few seasons under other coaches, and I got frustrated watching the games, because I thought I could do a better job. Then, I decided to jump in, and I quickly realized that coaching youth sports is harder than it looks. It took me years to finally pull all the pieces together. And once I did, we became unstoppable, the kids had a blast, and I didn’t have to stress about it anymore.

Now I’m putting all this information into a complete package to help you go from Coach Zero to Coach Hero!

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  • The entire eBook, over 60 pages, of invaluable strategies and tips
  • Complete 5 v 5 and 6 v 6 playbooks in PowerPoint and Keynote format
  • Playcalling Matrix template in Excel and Numbers format
  • Playbook Wristband template in Word and Pages format
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